Saturday, 25 July 2015

777. May's Soul [NEW @ TFC Event] & Half-Deer [NEW]


*May's Soul* Live in the forest NEW Gacha @ The Fantasy Collective Event - By May Tolsen

- cottage RARE Gacha
- table Gacha
- clothes rack Gacha
- lamp Gacha
- tartlets Gacha
- wood cut Gacha
- picnic table Gacha

+Half-Deer+ Pawprint Pathway NEW for 50L Fridays - By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Wood and Lace Frames  - By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Pygmy Goats - By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Panda Stool - By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ The Garden - Sleepy Italian Greyhound - By halogen magic

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