Tuesday, 15 October 2013

111. C.C. Kre-ations, {XO}, StrawberryJam, So&So Design, Le Poppycock, LavandaChic, DuCk or SwAn [NEW @ FatPack Week]

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Nikki Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack - By MissAllSunday Lemon
Horns : +Half-Deer+ Necromancer's Horns (Black Striped) - By Halogen Magic
Eyes Patch : Flower Eyes Patch BND - By ling serenity
Eyes : .::C.C. Kre-ations::. {Death Whisper - VOID} Mesh Eyes (6 colors) NEWFatPack Week (Until Oct.20) - By kreao kujisawa 
Face Plug Piercing : face plug piercing [BND] - By ling serenity
Top : {XO} Sheer Kini Top Black (Top 8 colors, included Tango Applier Top) NEWFatPack Week (Until Oct.20) - By x0lanax0 serenity
Cuddledoo : .SJ. Cuddledoo _01 (10 colors) NEWFatPack Week (Until Oct.20) - By IchigoJamu resident

Hair : [BURLEY]_Sirah_Blacks - By jeonghyeoklee resident
Top : *So&So Design*Top Lola  HUD NEWFatPack Week (Until Oct.20) - By SOeSO resident
Tutu + boots : .S&C. Cirque - CDF Hunt item #26 Sugar & Cyanide (5L) - By jaysee netizen
Stocking : Le Poppycock *Lace Stockings* NEWFatPack Week  - By Julliette Bade
Piano : +sanctuaire+ Reclaimed Piano Bookcase - Gypsy - Packaged - The Nest's Halloween Hunt (Until Oct. 19th)  @ The Nest - By scout eberhardt
Kitty : PlayFul Kitty - With Pose (Old MH#17.Candy Crunchers) - By kittymeow tigerpaw
Pose : Le Poppycock-Tangled tale (Funny Puppet Set) - By Olivia Lalonde

Hat : ::K:: My Daily Hat Original Mesh - By Kitt Ragu
Hair : *Dura* The 3th year Anniversary hair/Group gift - By chiaki xue
Skin : .:*DuCk or SwAn*:.Lily (Shape included) NEWFatPack Week - By Uklea resident
Outfit : LavandaChic*Lace Blusa*Purple (4 colors) NEWFatPack Week - By Uklea resident
Bag : !1mm Leather dot shoulder bag (Old LB) - By mirin shippe
Clover : *Boof. Mouth Clovers (1L) - By Thena Claxton